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Walking Mountain Science Center | Avon, CO

We often pass over the smaller features of our dynamic environment. Hiding just underfoot nearly everywhere we go is a complex and fascinating organism that has thrived on this planet for millions of years. Long before trees shaded our slopes, fungi has occupied and enhanced Earth’s changing landscapes. Not only do these ancient fungi form symbiotic relationships with countless plant species, many of them provide nutrition for humans and wildlife alike.  We will discuss some of these relationships in some detail while we hike! 

Although a young science, the body of knowledge related to mycology continues to grow rapidly. This means you and I (the citizen scientists) are critical to the development and study of mycology. We are going to take a hike and scratch the surface of what hides beneath it all. 

In sum, this is meant to be a casual introduction to the wonderful and interesting study of mycology. We’re taking an informative hike together. There are so many mushrooms even in just our tiny neck of the woods and I can tell you right off the bat, I don’t know 99% of them. There are some that I do know well. While with others we can learn the steps of getting to know them. It takes an open, patient, and inquisitive mind. Let’s do this! 

Check this link for more information. 

~ Michael                                  


Later Event: July 28
Walking Mountain Science Center